· Your project schedule must include a WBS with deliverables and work packets numbered accordingly


Prepare a Project Schedule for the Term Paper project described below.


· Create a Project Schedule for the Term Paper Project using MS Project (or similar tool)


· Your project schedule must include a WBS with deliverables and work packets numbered accordingly

· Make up realistic durations for each task. Make assumptions as needed.  

· Establish predecessors and successors for tasks as appropriate

· Create a GANTT chart for this project using MS Project (or similar tool)

· Capture an image of your task list + GANTT Chart, save the image as a document OR just submit the .mpp file

· Submit your document to the instructor via Canvas (.mpp, .jpg, .pdf, .gif)


· Assume that you are part of a team of four students.

·  The four of you must prepare a research paper and present your research paper to the rest of the class.  (The topic of the paper is irrelevant for this lab exercise…)  

· Your instructor requires you to use the library and online web sites to research the topic.  

· You must also use the EBSCO online research database (for which you do NOT yet have an account.) 

· Your research must include at least 2 books, 2 periodical articles, and 4 different websites.

· Your paper must be 5-7 pages of content, and must  include a cover page and full citation in a bibliography.

· The paper will be turned in on hard copy in a nice folio or report cover

· In addition to turning in your research paper, the four of you are required to create a slide presentation summarizing your research.

· You will present your present your research to the rest of the class in the classroom on the last night of class.  Your presentation should take 5 – 10 minutes.  Bring your powerpoint slides to class on a flash drive.

Preliminary WBS

Here is a preliminary list of tasks.  These are in alphabetical order.  You must arrange them into chronological order and define predecessors/successors and durations.  Feel free to add tasks as needed.  

· Add Footnotes to Paper

· Assemble the Final Document for submission

· Assign roles & tasks to four students on the team

· Buy a Report Cover

· Buy Note Cards

· Check out Books

· Correct Spelling Errors in Draft

· Create a Bibliography

· Create an Outline of the paper

· Get a Logon ID for the research web site

· Give the presentation 

· Go to the library

· Locate and Retrieve Books

· Look up books by Subject

· Organize Note Cards by Topic

· Prepare the Final Copy

· Prepare the Powerpoint Slides

· Print the Final Copy

· Print the Rough Draft

· Read books and articles

· Record catalog numbers

· Rehearse the presentation

· Run Spell check 

· Search the World Wide Web 

· Take notes on note cards

· Turn the Report In

· Write the Rough Draft