2-3 Page Reflection – Public Health

Since this is a reflective writing assignment, there are no RIGHT answers. Please use the attached content to answer the questions prior to looking for outside sources.

Course Module Topics/Approaches used in this course::::
B. Community-Based Prevention C. Media Advocacy D. Prevention Policy & Legislative Advocacy E. Addressing Corporate Practices

Answer the following questions: 2-3 pages double spaced + references used (Site any sources)

In this course, we have focused on approaches that focus on the “higher levels” of the social-ecological model (organization, community, policy). What are two benefits of focusing public health practice on the higher levels versus the individual/interpersonal levels? a. Please include a specific example to support each of the two benefits that you identify.

2. Which one of the approaches from the four course content modules (above) do you think should be the highest priority for public health practice? Explain and justify your choice, including responses to the following. a. How does this approach contribute to public health practice? b. Why is it more important/effective than the other approaches? c. Why is it well-suited to an ecological perspective?

3. Briefly discuss which one of the approaches you think would be your preferred focus, if you choose a career in public health.
a. Which one of the approaches do you feel best matches your own personal strengths and weaknesses? b. Which one do you feel is most aligned with the public health issues you are interested in? c. In what way do you anticipate that you would be involved in this approach?

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