2018 Patient Safety Goals- use Lewin’s Theory of Change.

As an ICU nurse we must always strive to prevent central line infections. NPSG.07.04.01 –Use proven guidelines to prevent infection of the blood from central lines is one of those safety goals. In my hospital we use swab caps, bio-patches to help with this. I also included a sample paper she provided us. I copied the specific criteria my professor posted.

Choose one safety goal that you wish to implement. Describe one way to improve one of the 2018 Patient Safety Goals in your work area- use Lewin’s Theory of Change.

These links to the 2018 National Patient Safety Goals will assist you in this project:

https://www.jointcommission.org/standards_information/npsgs.aspx (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

https://www.jointcommission.org/assets/1/6/2019_HAP_NPSGs_final.pdf (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Using APA format, address the following questions/ issues:

1.) Describe the importance of this safety goal

2.) What changes need to be made to improve the outcomes in your organization?

3.) Which individuals will be affected by this change,?

3.) What are the internal and external factors that may affect this change? (Refer to your textbook)

4.) Using Lewin’s Force Field Change Theory, describe the change process and provide a visual image of your change process plan.

Use 3 sources from Evidenced Based Practice to support safety goal and change process.

Here is the grading rubric:

Leadership Project Assignments Grading Rubric:

General Criteria:

Review of Information

Presentation of Facts

Consideration of Topics

Language Mechanics

APA Citation Format




80 – 89%


75 – 79%



Total Score

Presented an excellent review of information.

Presented facts clearly and succinctly.

Expresses thoughtful consideration of topics and original, creative ideas.

Language is without spelling or grammar errors.

Citations have no APA format errors.

Information is clearly presented.

Presents relevant facts.

Demonstrates adequate knowledge about the topic.

Rarely misspells words or makes grammatical errors.

Makes rare APA format errors

Presented the topic adequately.

Makes occasional spelling and grammar errors.

Makes occasional APA format errors.

Demonstrates some knowledgeable of topic.

Omitted major portion of content.

Does not demonstrate adequate knowledge of topic.

Makes frequent spelling, grammar and/ or APA format errors.

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