4 page paper on Information Literacy and Leadership due 2/10/2019

  1. Briefly discuss why, as a nurse leader, you need to be sure of the information you disseminate to patients, their families, and your staff.
  2. Explain how you can determine authoritative sources (those that are reliable and credible) that you retrieve from the Internet. How can you determine if the website is credible?
  3. Accessing the Wilmington University library and based on your focus (Executive or Dual Degree, Educator, or Legal Nurse Consultant) what databases in the library are specific for your use related to your program focus?
  4. If the information isn’t available in the Wilmington Library database, what literature retrieval services are available to you through the Wilmington University library and how do you use them?
  5. Using these databases, choose two peer reviewed journals for your area of professional focus. Explain why you chose these two specific journals. Addressing each separately, what is the journal’s focus? Go to the journal’s website, find the link to submit an article or the publishing criteria, how do you know this is a peer-reviewed publication?
  6. Find two professional organizations on the Internet; one for nursing leadership and one for your specific professional focus (Executive, Educator or Legal Nurse Consultant). Explain to the reader why they are authoritative and reliable sources of information.

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