6.05 plants project

The Plant Kingdom Diagram

For this assessment, you will identify plant examples for each of the four divisions of the plant kingdom and place a picture of each example in a diagram of your creation. Along with each picture, you will include a description of the plant you picked, the reason it fits under the chosen division, and a list of its adaptations for terrestrial life.


Make sure the following items are included in your diagram:

  1. A picture of a plant that fits under each of the four divisions: (1) nonvascular plants, (2) seedless vascular plants, (3) nonflowering seed bearing vascular plant, and (4) flowering vascular plants. You may use the Internet to find your pictures, but you must provide the Web address or link that cites the picture source. You may also find plant examples in nature and take pictures of each to use for your diagram.
  2. Under each example provide the genus and species name, the common name, and the phylum name.
  3. For each plant example provide a small description of the plant, the reason why this plant fits under your chosen division, and the adaptations the plant uses to survive on land.

You can create your diagram in any of the following ways:

  • Use any word processor, drawing, or presentation program. Go to the Web 2.0 tools button for options.
  • Make a video of plant examples in nature and provide narrated descriptions for each division and example during your video tour.

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