Advantages and disadvantages of plastic packaging

Advantages and disadvantages of paper packaging

Paper based packaging has many advantages in a retail environment. First, paper-based packaging is cheap and economical hence saves the production costs for the small business. They also are also eco-friendly because they are biodegradable and rarely cause environmental degradation. The process of recycling paper bags consumes less energy unlike plastics that consume a lot of energy. Food products like cookies, nuts, snacks, spices, tea and coffee are packed in paper to preserve their quality and attract customers. The retail outlet will find paper to be flexible in shape and size especially when packing goods with different size. This material is easy to print facilitating branding of products from the retail out let. One of the major disadvantage of paper is that it is not very durable. Its weak nature makes it unreliable especially when transporting goods for long distances.聽 Paper is also affected by extreme weather conditions like moisture and excess heat.

Advantages and disadvantages of plastic packaging

Plastics can be used as packaging materials in retail outlets. This material is very durable compared to other materials like polythene and paper bags. Plastics can lower the costs of production in the retail outlet because they are cheaper than wood, metal and glass. the retail outlet will have an easy time while branding because they can easily be printed. However, they have demerits because they are not flexible when packing products with different sizes and shapes. Plastics are also affected by excess light and heat causing dents and cracks. The non-bio-degradable nature of plastics pollutes the soil, water and death of wildlife.

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Great post James.  I think you hit on many key points that many of us overlooked (me included).  One of these is the difference in costs between recycling plastics or paper.  Though I knew there was recycling applications for both, I did not know the differences in cost, and how that factors in to retailers’ decisions of whether they would package their product in either.

Also I liked your comparisons in using plastic over wood, metal or glass.  Though this forum was about comparisons of retailers’ plastic or paper packaging, that didn’t stop you from making additional comparisons of other materials–again, something many of us didn’t do.  Great job thinking out of the box.

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Thanks for your reply.

What is your experience with a plastic package that you just could not open without a hammer or knife? How about those cookies or cereal boxes? Do you have some examples of products like that where you just resort to a knife to open?

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