Advertising Research

OMM 615 Week 5 Assignment Advertising Research

One of the most important aspects to an advertising campaign is to know the target audience. Advertising is based on providing enough information about a particular product or service to capture the consumer’s attention and create an everlasting memory and soon to be loyal buyer. In order to achieve this goal, marketers need to know everything they can about the targeted customer base. To get this information media teams rely on advertising research. Baack and Clow (2012) maintain that advertising research systems can provide enough insight into a consumer to launch a successful campaign, such as their buying behavior, as well as their wants and needs. Knowing what to give the consumer based on the consumers themselves will aid in creating the memories an advertisement seeks to create.

Proper research is necessary when introducing a product to the market. Whether the product is new or old, at some point research must show progress in order to become successful. A marketing campaign needs to be certain it is advertising to the right group of people. There needs to be assurance of product placement as well as current buying behavior. There is a lot of information that can be helpful to the campaign as long as the right research is conducted. Three principles that play an important role in advertising research: 1) quantitative research methods 2) qualitative research methods and 3) primary and secondary market research.