AHS6610 Wilmington Week 5 Budget Proposal Strategic Planning Paper

Week 5 Budget Proposal

Review the examples of budget proposals in the library guide. Note the relationship of the program objectives with the budget, and how this is used to request funding for the program. Using the  Budget TemplProgramate

, complete a funding proposal for the program you have been developing since Week 2.


  • Write a narrative introduction to justify the funding request.
  • Use the components of the strategic planning exercise you completed in Week 4 to describe how the funding will help the program achieve its proposed goals. 
  • Complete the budget template by considering the revenue and funding sources for the program as well as the anticipated expenses.
  • Finally, describe the justification for the expenses for the items included in your budget proposal.
  • Budget proposal examples:
  • Library Course Guide –week 5 tab

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