How Amazon Could Steal The Mid-Tier Luxury Market

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How Amazon Could Steal The Mid-Tier Luxury Market


Amazon’s meteoric rise is seemingly taking on every single industry nowadays. In the article “How Amazon Could Steal The Mid-Tier Luxury Market” by James Thomson, we see how competition will hurt the ultra-luxury brands in the coming years. Using their unique software, Amazon plans to promote mid-level luxury brands to parts of the consumer base that have never been exposed to them before. While not killing ultra-luxury brands like Armani or Gucci, it can promote less-known brands like Brooks Brothers and Zac Posen and make them more appealing to a larger audience.

Amazon is getting their new idea from a company called Indochino, which fancies itself as the newest and most convenient way to get a new suit. The company custom-fits a new suit according to the body’s specifications and then sends the suit to the customer within 2-3 business weeks. With a fraction of the cost and the same elegance in design, Indochino is already beginning to hurt many luxurious suit-designing companies. In addition, Amazon allows for a suit to be returned if not deemed up to specifications, an option lacking in many designer stores.