Analytics and informatics in Healthcare Paper

Hi , I hope you’re having a great day . please write in your own words.

Provide your background and knowledge of healthcare, informatics, and analytics. Then rate this knowledge on a scale from

1-100. Lastly, list your goals upon completion of this course ortext. For example, this might be your first health-related course and you are seeking to find your area of interest.

Learning Journal Topics:

– Knowledge of Healthcare and (1-100) scale

– Knowledge of Analytics and (1-100) scale

– Knowledge of Informatics and (1-100) scale

– goals upon completion

About the backgrounders and the scale from does not have to be 100 keep it basic and medium .also goals upon completion the course jut like any objective like get knowledge etc . will provide the name of this course so you can be able to predict the goals upon completion

course : Health Analytics and Informatics

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