Answer the questions

A Spring is loaded with a .500 (kg) mass and then is allowed to hang. The initial length of the Spring is .23 (m), after the mass is applied to the spring the thength of the spring is now .57 (m). If the F = − ky , and the Force is in the direction of gravity. Then what is the spring constant k?

A windshield is being tested to see the air resistance. The drag coefficient of the windshield is being determined. The drag force of the air is 1.63 (N) and the velocity that the air is traveling is 31.2 (m/s). Find the drag coefficients of the two Drag force equations.

The mass of a copper cylinder is found to be .05 kg, with a radius of 0.02 meters and a height of 0.03 meters. What is the density of the copper cylinder?

An 1 meter ruler is set in a stand with a knife edge clamp supporting the center of mass at 50.0 cm. A mass of .250 kg is placed at the 2.0 cm mark. How much torque is the meter stick experiencing?

A student is looking to determine the gravitational acceleration using a pendulum. The student knows that the length of the string and the period work together to determine the gravitational acceleration. The student does six trials and records the period for each, holding the length of the string and keeping the mass the same.

T = √ gl

Period 1 (s)

Period 2 (s)

Period 3 (s)

Period 4 (s)

Period 5 (s)

Period 6 (s)

100.0 cm







Using the mean of the Periods, what is the gravitational acceleration?

Knowing the that the true gravitational acceleration is 9.8 m/s^2. Determine the Percent error of the experimental gravity.

Find the standard deviation of the periods.

Knowing the standard deviation and the percent error, was the experiment conducted well?

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