THIS IS A GROUP Element of the module. IT IS WORTH 50% OF THE TOTAL MODULE GRADE. Group Presentations will take place in the last week of second term.

Each student will represent a particular company in the chosen industry with the role allocated in the first tutorial from: marketing, to product design and development, to manufacturing, to raw materials supply to customers based in different countries across the globe, and representing small and large organisations.

The networking groups will consist of maximum of 10 students each representing a company with its own specialisation. You are expected to fully participate in the role-play simulation of the corporate venture changing its behaviour and becoming more entrepreneurial in the way they perceive themselves, it’s products, markets and industry.

You as a part of the network team represent an existing organisation in a chosen industry that aims to increase its presence through new product / service innovation.

As a part of the role play the whole group (all the students taking the module) would need to choose an industry that they prefer to operate in. Taking a role in the supply chain within this industry you need to identify yourself as an existing company.

The purpose of the role play is to implement concepts of corporate entrepreneurship within the chosen firm. Each firm will be representing a part of the supply chain network and will be responsible for implementation of the specific set of tasks allocated to this group within the network.

The following elements of the role-play will be developed over the period of the role-play:

Industry survey and the value curve of the industry will be devised based on the critical success factors that have become the state of the art in the industry.

The new revolutionary value curve will be derived based on the changed behaviour of the firm and its new product / service innovation entry into the industry.

The new product / service idea implementation plan will be devised and developed across the supply network.

Negotiations between suppliers and product / service innovators and marketers will take place to resolve the issues of the new product / service design, its features and key characteristics that would differentiate this product / service from the competition, its manufacturability and viability, as well as marketing campaign and product launch;

These then should be documented to be presented in the form of the business venture proposal (Part 1).

The final presentation on the module will allow the students to present the business venture proposal in the form of the role play. Here all the teams would have to present the impact of the change in behaviour within the firm would have on the chosen company and chosen industry as well as role of networking within the supply chain (Part 2). Each group will have up to 30 minutes for their part in the role-play. The presentation can take any form, in the sense it can be a role-play, or an interactive session that demonstrates or supports your findings and recommendations. Creative role-plays are encouraged and rewarded.