assessment on becoming a learning organization

This week you will compose a 2 page (minimum) assessment on becoming a learning organization for inclusion for the final project. This will be a continuation of your discussion project this week. You will incorporate the value of becoming a learning organization. What benefits and pitfalls can occur? You will create this assignment for presentation to the leadership team at MacArthur and Associates as you have for the previous weekly assignments.

You should follow up the document with a 10 slide minimum presentation that specidies the key points of you proposal as if you were presenting to the client on-site. Be sure to include an y details that you feel would be beneficial to selling your plan to the company. Your presentation should have a title and reference slide (not counted in the 7-10 slides), a professional look (i.e. background/theme for character), and proper spelling/grammar throughout. Utilize the notes section of each slide to expand upon your key points. Your paper should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Please include citations to support your ideas.