Astronomy 6 text questions

PLease include both question and answer in document x

  1. How are the outer planets similar to each other?
  2. How are the outer planets different from each other?
  3. How are dwarf planets different from true planets?
  4. What is the arrangement of the outer planets? What effect does their placement have the planets?
  5. What is Titan? Why are scientists interested in it?

Critical Thinking Questions

  1. How do the outer planets differ from the inner planets?
  2. Which of the outer planets is MOST like Earth? How?
  3. Do you think the our Solar System contains life other than on Earth? Support your response with facts.
  4. Why was Pluto reclassified from a planet to a dwarf planet? Why did this create controversy?
  5. How has the concept of a “planet” changed since the 16th century? Do you think this shows scientific accuracy or disproves future facts, as one assumes that they will be discredited in time too?

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