ASU Down Syndrome Condition and Genetic Mutation Research Paper

Go to the Human Genome Project: (the project must be Down syndrome.

In 450-500 words, describe a genetic disease or condition that has been mapped onto the human genome.

Use APA format for references and citations. See:

In your paper, you should describe the disease/condition/disorder. Give brief summary in introduction. Give the chromosomal location an exact position of the gene.

In the rest of your essay, you will want to describe:

How the gene works and what mutation leads to the disease and why.

What proportion of people are affected by this condition?

Who is affected? (age, geography, ethnicity, etc.)

Cite at least 2-3 primary sources.

You cannot use Wikipedia or online sources that are not part of a scientific research organization.

You must have a “references” section at the end with sources cited within the text itself.

Paper should have: introduction, body, and conclusion, and references.

Please also remember to use your own words and check for spelling and grammatical errors.

The Turnitin results will always show some level of matching, but there should never be complete sentences and sections that are not from your own writing.

ONLY pdf, doc, or docx files will be accepted.

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