Best practices when performing a phlebotomy procedure, health & medical homework help

Best practices when performing a phlebotomy procedure involve the following factors:

  • Planning ahead
  • Patient identification
  • Selecting an appropriate location
  • Quality control
  • Standards for quality care for patients and health workers, which includes:
    • Availability of appropriate supplies
    • Availability of personal protective equipment
    • Avoidance of contaminated equipment
    • Appropriate training
    • Special considerations related to patients
    • Quality of laboratory sampling

Phlebotomy errors may cause serious harm to patients, so it is essential to establish and practice quality control when performing a venipuncture or capillary puncture on any patient.

  • Module 1 Written Assignment RUBRIC

    Case Study – Quality Assurance and Control When Performing Venipunctures Points
    Case Study contains all of the following criteria:

    • A definition of quality control
    • The steps you would take to plan ahead for a phlebotomy procedure
    • How to properly identify the patient
    • Description on how to select an appropriate location for a venipuncture and a capillary puncture
    • How to obtain a quality blood sample (i.e., non-hemolized)
    • At least one special considerations related to patient care
    Contains proper spelling, grammar, and sentence structure 3
    Case Study is in proper APA format 2
    Total 20

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