BIMM100 Irvine Valley Levels of Obesity & Esophageal Cancer Growth Research

I have an assignment to write a research grant application. You must pick a topic that falls within the syllabus of the course that I have provided you. You will research for a topic (via PubMed or similar searches) and then use both review and research papers to formulate a grant in which you will propose experiments to test a novel hypothesis related to your topic.

In addition, you should provide me with your primary review and research article because the reviewer needs a hard copy of them. Use three a reference only

Also, I have provided you a samples of Minigrant

General Format of Paper

Basic MLA Format (below is how the top of your first page should look like):

  • Your paper should be about 4-5 pages long (not including your reference page)
  • Include the page number and your last name on each page in the upper right hand corner
  • Your paper should be double-spaced
  • Font: Times New Roman, size 12

The format of your grant is as follows; the indicated page(s) is just an approximation:

A. Abstract (1/2 page)

Overall summary of background, significance, and proposal

B. Specific Aims (approx 1-2 page)

Describe what you are trying to achieve by the experimentation of this grant. A simplified overall statement followed by a paragraph adding some explanation of your aims

C. Background and Significance (approx 2 page)

Use of your references to introduce the topic you are covering, background results, which have led you to propose your experiments

D. References (1/2 page)

Remember to site all information that is included in your grant. See example for forma

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