Bio project we have to chose any topic and talk about it so, I chose the topic about photosynthesis

1) Come up with a creative way to cover / teach/ explain any of the material we

have covered in the class

2) Write up a short summary (2-3 sentences) of what you plan to do with your

project. Include:

a) what topic you want to cover (can be any topic already covered or to be

covered- see syllabus if unsure)

b) how you plan to present it (eg. a story, a picture, a model, a video, …)

3) Get my approval to do the project – after you give me the summary

The project can be:

Making models* of a topic (eg. cells, organelles) – NO Styrofoam Cells Please!

or Turning a concept into some form of art (painting, drawing, photography)

or (eg. making photosynthesis a graphic story)

or Write up a poem or short story or comic book

or Create a computer program that lets someone interactively explore a

or concept (eg. how cellular respiration works)

or Act out a process that occurs

or Make video to explain a topic

or Some other creative way to explain a concept you found interesting!

You will be graded on:

Completing the project

Quality of the work (eg. the more you put in, the more you get out)

Presenting what you’ve made to class

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