Biology Essay

Lesson 3 Essay Questions Examination Examination You have two examinations for Lesson 3. The first is a multiple-choice examination. The multiple-choice exam comes before this assignment on the student portal and should be completed first. The second part is this essay exam, which follows. Please type your answers into a Word file and name the file with your name and the exam number. For more information, you can view the Overview webinar. The essays are the second assignment covered. You can register for the live webinar through the Biology course, or you can watch the recording. To view the recording, visit the Penn Foster Virtual Library ( Choose College, Biology, Recordings, and choose the Overview webinar in the Google document. Questions 1–4: Answer the following essay questions in 1–2 short paragraphs each.

1. Compare and

contrast directional
selection and disruptive selection and provide an example of each.

2. Many pathogenic bacteria species are becoming resistant to antibiotics. Explain how such adaptations can develop through the process of natural selection.

Hint: Relate this example to the conditions that are necessary for natural selection to occur.) 3. What are the major evolutionary trends that developed

major vertebrate groups, specifically those that allowed for the transition from aquatic to terrestrial life?

4. Providing examples, explain how sexual reproduction in plants has evolved to become less dependent on water


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