Briefly describe the service encounter.

FIVE PARTS: Think back to a service encounter (e.g., check-out line, a customer service, a banking, repair from car dealership, doctor’s visit, or any other experience where you purchased a service–not a good) in the LAST TWO WEEKS. Pick either an IDEAL encounter or a VERY BAD encounter and submit your answers to the following five questions via a Word document to the assignment drop box:

1) Briefly describe the service encounter.

2) Was the encounter IDEAL or VERY BAD?

3) What was the source/reason for your satisfaction (if an IDEAL encounter) OR your dissatisfaction (if a VERY BAD encounter)? Please be specific.

4) What did the employee(s) do to make this such a(n) IDEAL or VERY BAD encounter? What were your expectations?

5) If you are writing about an IDEAL encounter, what could the company do to ensure that this kind of encounter is the “rule” rather than the exception? If you are writing about a VERY BAD encounter, what should the employee or company have done?