BUS 5202 Week 2 Reflect

BUS 5202 Week 2 Reflect

  • Field: Business Finance – Management

Recall an experience at work when your perceptions (or someone else’s perceptions) were later found to be distorted. The following factors distort our perceptions:

a.  Stereotypes – Assign attributes to a group of people

b.  Halo effect – Uses one attribute to develop an overall impression of a person or situation

c.  Selective perception – Defines problems from one’s own point of view

d.  Projection – Assigns personal attributes to others

e.  Contrast effects – Derive meaning by contrasting it to another recent occurrence

f.  Self-fulfilling prophecies – Predetermining a situation based on individual experiences

With your recalled experience in mind, and given what you’ve learned about differences and perceptions this week, compose a response that addresses the following points:

  • Which one of the listed distortion factors most contributed to your situation?
  • What could you have done differently?