Bussiness and physics


Let’s look for examples of how we encounter with Physics in every day life.
Let’s assume that mass of physical bodies stays the same (at least within a short time range).
At the same time, weight of the same body can change in dependence of circumstances.
Find two examples from the real life when the weight increases or decreases
at certain conditions having mass constant. Describe these conditions and explain from the
standpoint of physics.250 word


“Mass is defined as the property that determines how much an object resist a change in its motion.”
Physics, B. W Tillery, p. 43 In 1957, Sir Hermann Bondi (Emeritus Professor and former secretary of the Royal Astronomical Society) suggested that mass might be negative as well as positive.Debate this idea and its consequences, based on both the Newton’s Second Law of Motion and Newton’s Law of Gravitation.250 word


This week’s lesson revolves around product and process design. Your assignment for this week’s forum is to choose a company and some specific product (or service) they produce for which you believe considerable redesigning, repackaging, or re-configuring could result in substantial increases in the company’s sales and profits. Once you have completed your research, address the following questions:

1.What is the product’s history, who makes it, how long has it been on the market, what is it’s function. Include any competition this product has and how this product “stacks up” against the competition.

2.What are some of the challenges to market acceptance?

3.Explain how you would reconfigure the product or service to grow sales and profits.

4.Discuss how you would market this product once redesigned. 250 word

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