Case Study Presentation Instructions Administration of Computer-Based MIS MIS4378

Case Study Presentation Instructions

Administration of Computer-Based MIS MIS4378

For your individual case study presentation, choose one of the case studies at the end of the chapter to which you have been assigned according to the Presentation Roster. In your presentation, provide a brief summary of the case study. Then respond to the discussion questions listed at the end of the study. A top manager who is not familiar with the case study nor an expert of information technology should be able to understand: the background of the case study; the main points made in the case study; and your responses to the discussion questions. At the end of your presentation, provide your views on the lessons you learned from working on this case study. What has happened since the case study was published? What has changed? What has remained the same? How can you use in your career what you have learned from the case study?

For your assignment, create a Word document containing the questions, your responses to the questions, and a list of references. You need to cite your sources within the text (see below) throughout the document and additionally provide a complete list of references at the end of the document.

Your presentation must have a minimum of five references. Use them to support the points you are making. Your references must include at least two academic journals. One of them must be from this list of eight academic MIS top journal:

Management Information Systems Quarterly Journal of the Association for Information Systems Information Systems Research Journal of Information Technology Journal of Information Systems European Journal of Information Systems Journal of Management Information Systems Journal of Strategic Information Systems.

Choose one of these journals to guide you on how to reference. You must mention the journal you used as your referencing guide in the beginning of the list of references in your Word document. For example: My referencing style is from the Management Information Systems Quarterly journal.

You can find these journals by logging on to UH library databases. Use your Word document to create PowerPoint slides for your presentation.

You must submit your case study PowerPoint presentation and your Word document with your responses via Blackboard under the Assignments section. Your presentation and document must both be attached to the assignment submission. Do not use Blackboard’s “text submission” or “comments” functions to submit any part of your assignment. Your files must be submitted to Blackboard before 10:00am on the day of your presentation.