Chapter 8 Reducing Stress in Health Care Professionals Discussion Paper

Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care

Read Chapter 8. Stanfields Introduction To Health Care Professions

Discuss one legal or ethical issue related to health care. Discuss the scope of the issue. What is the controversy? What are the implications? What should health care professionals know about this issue? Where do you stand? (1 paragraph 5-8 sentences)

Stress and the Health Care Professional

Required Resources:

Read attached article: “Concerns grow about burnout, stress in health care workers” and view video. (1 paragraph 5-8 sentences)

Resilience Cartoon (Links to an external site.)
Concerns Grow About Burnout, Stress In Health Care Workers- Article.pdf

  1. Identify and discuss at least two causes of stress for the health care professional. Explain why you think health care professionals have elevated rates of stress than other professions.
  2. What are the possible effects of stress on the professional and the patient?
  3. What can be done to help reduce stress in health care professionals?