Chemistry Discussion (150 words + 150 words )

I need two different versions one for me and one from my friend. We are in the same class and same teacher.


Believe it or not, cleaning is chemistry. In other words, the cleaning products you use in your home are developed using our knowledge of chemistry (Note: While enzymes are used extensively in cleaning products they are studied in more detail in biology classes).

For your main post, think of a cleaning product and explain how it cleans – in terms of chemistry.

Example: Many cleaners designed to treat pet urine stains are simply bases dissolved in solution. Urine is acidic so a base will neutralize it. The typical products of an acid/base reaction are water and some type of salt. So the base (cleaner) reacts with the acid (urine) and produces water and some type of salt. After a short period of time we can vacuum up the salt and let the water evaporate. Ta da! The pet urine stain and smell are gone!

For your responses, do a little bit of research and find some interesting info on the cleaning product that your classmate chose. This could be some interesting history on the item, other uses for it outside of its “standard” use, etc.

Your main post should be at least 150 words.

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