Civil Engineering project management assignment, engineering homework help

1-Do Exercises 4, 5 & 6 Chapter 5 on pages 176 and 177.

2-Read the case “Friendly Assisted Living Facility-5” on Page 180 and answer the five (5) questions at the end..

3-Do Exercises 2 &4 Chapter 6 on pages 226 and 227.

I attached down the pages that you will get the question from, the lecture note, and the official answers from old students who take the class, so those are the professor answers do not copy them directly just read them and you have the answers just write them in your own words and do your own excels files. Exercise 4 chapter 6 has no solution in the professor answers so try to do your best on it. please do not copy the professor solution directly just read it and do your own work but make sure you have the same process because if the results is deferent so it mean wrong answers.

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