Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle Biology Species Presentation

1) Look at the short powerpoint introducting America’s Least Wanted


go to this link and click Species Profile to choose an invasive species.

3) Check out the discussion board and post your choice. Duplicates are not ok, so if we cannot have 25 presentations on the Subterranean Formosan Termite! First Come First Served topics posted on the discussion board. So if you post last, you need to read through everyone else’s topic choices first.

(please tell what you choose when you decide to work.Because I need post the topic to the discussion board so someone else will not same as I did.)

I choose the Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle.

IF the topic is ok to you, just tell me. If you want to change it, please tell me before you do. I want to make sure I did the difference work with my classmates.

4) Projects are due posted on the Discussion board by the end of the course. Use the template provided Below:

Slide 1: Title

Slide 2: Introduction

Slide 3: Where the organism comes from and where it’s invading

Slide 4: What kind of problems is it causing, including estimates of monetary cost

Slide 5: What is being done (or should/could be done in your opinion) about it

Slide 6: Extra info

Slide 7: MLA or APA cited references.

The file is the introduction from the professor and the other one is the example of the project.

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