Colorado State Ecology Conservation and Multilevel Theories Assignment


For this assignment, choose a peer-reviewed article to review. Use the databases in the CSU Online Library or another source that contains peer-reviewed articles, and find an article about a concept tied to the unit outcomes in this unit. Write a three- to five-page review (not counting the cover page and references page) of the article that includes the following information:

  • How does the article relate to what you are learning in this course or within this unit?
  • Discuss the meaning or implications of the article’s contents as well as any flaws you find in the article.
  • What could have made the article better?
  • Was any information left out? How could the author expand on the results?
  • Does the article’s information relate to your professional or personal life? How?

Use proper APA formatting for all sources, including the textbook.

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