Compare leadership styles to the models of change.

Must use attached articles for reference and at least one additional reference of your choice. For a minimum of four

The Brisson-Banks (2010) article in the required reading for this unit compares the five different change management models presented in this unit. It also describes various situational variables that could influence to each model. Utilizing all of the knowledge accumulated through this unit and the previous units, write a critique of the article


Brisson-Banks, C. (2010). Managing change and transitions: A comparison of different models and their commonalities.

Library Management, 31(4), 241-252. Retrieved from


In your article critique, be sure to include the following elements:

Evaluate different aspects of organizational change.

Discuss the role that leader vision plays in a change management strategy.

Discuss how effective change initiatives can influence organizational performance.

Compare leadership styles to the models of change.

Must use the two sources to use as references (in addition to using the Brisson-Banks article) that support your article critique.

Your article critique should be three pages in length. Not including covers, references pages

Be sure to include the rubric elements from the guidelines below:

accurate identification of the premise and supporting points from the article;

insightful and thorough analysis of information from the article, including using evidence and reasonable and compelling