One day in May 2019, while walking the streets of St. Petersburg, Russia, you are invited by the English-language RT News to take part in a townhall meeting about Russia’s past, present, and future. As you take your place on the stage, you recognize the other panelists as historical figures or fictional characters from Imperial Russia. During the townhall, which becomes quite a heated discussion, participants address each of the following themes:

  • The power and privileges of rulers
  • Russia’s position in a changing world
  • Social transformations and structures
  • The meaning of ethnicity in empire
  • The role of intellectuals in shaping public discourse

Your assignment is to recreate this conversation in a six page paper Make sure to include a range of perspectives that address all of the relevant themes over both centuries. Your essay must make comparisons between multiple perspectives across a range of time periods. The eight characters must be taken from the following list:

  • Peter I
  • Catherine II
  • Potemkin
  • Pugachev
  • Radishchev
  • Karamzin
  • Pushkin
  • Figner
  • Alexander I
  • Nicholas I
  • Herzen
  • Alexander II
  • Gogol
  • Zinaida (Turgenev, “First Love”)
  • Shamil
  • Witte
  • Lenin
  • Nikita (Tolstoy, “Master and Man’)

You may use any format you wish (analytical essay, dialogue, reported conversation, or summaries). Be creative and have fun. Essay should be single spaced with reasonable margins and font size 12 times new roman

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