Are you confident you know who the author is?

A website that I commonly visit is the which is an American conservative news and opinion website founded by political commentator Ben Shapiro and reports on current political and social events. I have come to know Ben Shapiro through the years as he has appeared on many television news and talk shows. I believe this website to be a reliable source of information because in it, as they report on whatever news item is being discussed they will include along with their commentary the source of the information, which for the most part is other news sources such as CNN, MCNBC, NYT, Washington Post, etc.

Some practical strategies for testing the reliability of evidence online is to go through the pages of every search site because as have been proven by research, the first page of every search engine will only contain a one-sided bipartisan list of sources that depending on the nature of the search will be completely skewed. Therefore, go past the first page, dig deeper into the subsequent pages and unleash all the other sources that World Wide Web wants to hide from you.

Other means of testing reliability is which position the evidence best supports, which sources of evidence and opinion are most reliable while also whether or not the search result is accurate and complete. Know the difference between an attack and support. monica post

CNN is a website that I been used for a long time and is my preferred place to look for news even on the TV. CNN offers worldwide communication in English and Spanish. The website covers information from general political news to entertainment and sports. Their website looks professional and easy to navigate. The site also has a 24-hour broadcast. CNN founder is Ted Turner. He is a businessman and is well known for the 1 billion dollar donation to the United Nations.

Are you confident you know who the author is?


How reliable is the information on the website?


What are some practical strategies for testing the reliability of evidence online?


discussion 2

Choose any two classmates and review their main posts.

Review the student’s regression equation (include it in your post). What is the independent variable name? (The answer is not “x” 🙂 What is the dependent variable name? Choose any other value for the independent variable (represented by the letter x in the equation) and plug that value in to solve for an estimate of the dependent variable (y in the equation). Show all steps and work.
Review the correlation (r value) that the student calculated between the two variables. Is this correlation strong, medium, or weak and why? Based on the correlation strength, do you think that the regression equation will offer a fair estimate? Why or why not?

The data set she have chosen is Male Health Data. The two variables she have chosen to compare are weight (lbs.) and waist (in.) The R value for these two variables is: 0.956092 This is a strong positive correlation.

I used the x value of 134 (weight) to find y. The equation was y=0.3022(134) +2.1796

With this equation she found the value of y to be: 42.6744 Attached is Denna scatterplot along with the equation.