creating an organized blueprint of your plans for the essay.

UNV 104 Week 3 Topic 3 DQ 1

In week one you selected a research question and began to collect potential resources. Last week you worked to read through three of those articles in search for more information to answer the research question. This week you will be creating an organized blueprint of your plans for the essay. The first step in organizing the essay is to create a thesis statement.

The thesis statement for this type of essay should be one sentence in length and all three supporting paragraph sub-topics should be present within it.

Please post your proposed thesis statement as your DQ 1 response this week. We will be working together as a class to approve and/or revise the thesis statements.

In addition, as part of participation this week, respond to two of your peers’ posts focusing on identifying the claim and three subtopics. Also, within each thesis statement participation feedback reply, provide a credible reference (GCU style) for a source that you think would be helpful evidence for one of the subtopics.

UNV 104 Week 3 Topic 3 DQ 2

Refer to the Topic Materials for this week, and review “About Turnitin and Turnitin FAQs” prior to responding to this discussion question.

After reviewing the TII information, address the following questions: 1) what is the purpose of the TII Report; 2) why is it important to review the TII report before hitting the final submission option; and 3) what are some possible consequences of not checking your TII report?

UNV 104 Week 3 Expository Essay Outline


So far, you have chosen a topic and located resources for your Expository Essay. Continue developing your essay by developing a thesis statement and creating an outline.

Review the media piece “The Writing Process” to help you develop your thesis statement and create your essay outline.
Open the attached template “Expository Essay Outline” to use to create your outline.
Incorporate any feedback you received on your thesis statement in the discussion this week.
Refer to the Reading Strategies and Annotated Reference List assignment for references, in-text citation, and resource information.
Avoid using quotes in your outline. Instead, paraphrase your information.
Refer to the “Example Essay Outline” in Course Materials this week for help.
This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are not required to submit this assignment to Turnitin.

Submit the completed assignment to the final assignment drop box by the end of Topic 3 (Sunday, by 11:59pm, Arizona Time).