CRISPR in my thought

Reaction to Update: CRISPR

List to the Radiolab Podcast called Update: CRISPR. The link to the audio is provided in th Chapter 17: Viruses folder. After listening to the episode, write a two-page (NOT including references) written response about your thoughts and reactions to what was presented in the podcast. Upload this document via Blackboard for grading. Additionally, take a stance on this issue. Do you support the use of CRISPR in biomedical research? Why or why not? Identify two different instances in the podcast that you use as evidence to support your stance (cite at what time in the podcast this occurred in the text of your response). You must also find one additional news article about CRISPR to include in your discussion that must be referenced. You must use the Chicago Manual of Style for referencing formatting (link also in the Chapter 17 folder).


Double-spaced, size 11 font, 1 inch margins

Title and by-line should be one line at the top

You will be graded on this assignment. You will not be graded on the position you take, but rather what evidence you used to come to your decision, your ability to find a news source to discuss, grammar, and structure. You will also be graded on using the appropriate reference format. Please visit the student resource center to help with spelling, sentencing, grammar issues if you need help. Email with any questions.

chicago manual of style… This is the link to the podcast episode you need to listen to for the written assignment.

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