Critical Thinking Assignment

Critical Thinking Assignment Directions:

Review the following link:

Choose the blog topic that interests you (you will need to scroll down on the page) and write a 500 – 750-word review. In this review, you will need to include:

1. Describe the type of study for the blog topic you select.

2. How is the PICO model integrated within this study? You may also use:…

3. How does this research contribute to patient safety?

4. What are your recommendations for improvement or further study?

Format Instructions:

Use Microsoft Word to complete this assignment

Use font type 12

Use double space formatting

Follow APA guidelines for formatting and referencing information

Place the following heading at the top of your document. Save the file as “yourlastname-Week5.doc” to identify your assignment. Keep a copy for your records.

oYour Name


oHIM 2652—Electronic Health Record Systems

Critical Thinking Assignment 2

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