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Thank you for a wonderful semester. I hope you come away with some tools to aid you further in your careers and in life. Each portion of this final is worth 8 points so please take your time in answering them! Each question should be at least one paragraph.

Answer the questions in bold:

  1. Analyze major milestones for children from conception through adolescence in the areas of physical, psychosocial, cognitive, and language development using standard research methodologies. Discuss 1 piece of knowledge you took away from each level of development (conception, infancy/toddler, early childhood, middle childhood, adolescence) in regards to the areas listed above (physical, psychosocial, cognitive, and language development). For full credit please make sure to connect directly to course content.
  2. Analyze how cultural, economic, political, historical contexts affect children’s development.Choose a contexts and in regard to a level of development (conception, infancy/toddler, early childhood, middle childhood, adolescence discuss 3 pieces of knowledge you took away as most important and why. For example you may discuss breastfeeding laws which connects political with infancy/toddler. For full credit please make sure to connect directly to course content.

3. Compare and contrast various theoretical frameworks that relate to the study of human development. Choose two to compare and contrast: Piaget, Freud, Erikson, Vygotsky, Skinner, Bandura, Maslow, etc.

4. Integrate and apply current theory and research to the observation, documentation and unbiased analysis of a preschool child’s behavior. How did you participate in this learning? What did you take away?

5.Differentiate characteristics of typical and atypical development at various stages. What did you take away from this course in regards to typical and atypical development? For example, why it is important to know critical or sensitive periods of development.

6. Analyze the interaction of genetic/nature and environment/nurture on various areas of development. Discuss where you stand on this debate and back up your position with specific course content.

*2 point questions: What advice would you give to an incoming student?

I would like you to showcase your learning that you completed throughout this semester:

  • Connect each SLO to a theory, though, idea, or project we did this semester.
  • Make sure to cite your sources.
  • This is your chance to flex your knowledge and let me know what you have retained.

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