Dakota Access Pipeline Essay

Assignment 1

Start by doing a reputable literature search on the Dakota Access Pipeline. You will need at least 3 reputable resources to cite in your answers below. Please use CSE Name-Year style to cite your resources. 

1. Where did you find your resources? If you used a search engine, did you go past the first few hits/results? Why or why not? 

2. Before this assignment had you heard about the #NoDAPL or the Dakota Access Pipeline protests? 

3. Summarize what the DAPL and Standing Rock protests are. What are the specifics? Cite your sources. Are there any race and culture undertones occurring? 

4. Since this is a controversial topic, think about the information that is being created and disseminated by both sides, for and against. How can you ensure you are getting the most accurate information? Do you think one side would publish false information in order to strengthen their case? 

Assignment 2

Do some brief research on what is happening currently with the United States with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and what the Clean Air Act is. Then post a minimum 100 word statement about your thoughts on this.

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