DB#1 Database Project #1: Indiana data

DB#1 Database Project #1: Indiana data

Use this website to gather statistical information for project: http://www.ahd.com/states/hospital_IN.html

Copy and paste the entire table into Excel from the header to the totals. Make the two calculations and two sorts assigned below. Use Excel Help or Google if you are uncertain how to perform these sorts or calculations using features in Excel. The assignment with the rubric is attached. I hope you enjoy manipulating and analyzing these healthcare statistics.

1) Calculate for each hospital the Average Length of Stay and place in order from least to greatest. A popular statistic associated with length of stay is the average length of stay (ALOS), calculated by dividing the sum of inpatient days by the number of patients discharges.

2) Calculate the Revenue/Hospital Bed statistic for each hospital and list in order from least to greatest.

Present in either Word Table or Excel spreadsheet format. Include title, labels, and color as appropriate. Check your work against the rubric to earn maximum points. There are points for outside research of at least one additional source.

Naming format for your file: Lastname.Firstname.Assignmentname

Data Base Rubric

Max Points: 90








3-4 errors

1-2 errors

No errors present


All instructions preformed

None of the elements present

1 element present

2 elements present

All elements present


A few presentation elements are used to good effect

Several presentation elements used to good effect.

Title, headings, and text summary set off effectively. Bolding, highlights, & color fill draws attention to significant elements. Calculated results are rounded up in decimals shown.


Demonstrates little comprehension

Comprehension is demonstrated

Synthesized information from another source with your analysis.

Synthesize information from more than one quality source with your analysis. Credit source in citation and reference.

Research more than one quality source. Synthesize research with your analysis in a concise text summary. Compare/contrast information. Credit sources in citation and references in APA