Define exercise physiology? Explain how exercise physiology differs from sport physiology.

Physiology #1

Initial responses to the forum postings should include the following three elements at a minimum: (1) Your original opinion or thought about the question. (2) Evidence that backs up your point of view (references, URLs, etc.) (3) Demonstration that you are connecting the dots, that you are using critical analysis skills. Two ways to do this are by providing examples that relate to your life/work or providing an analogy that relates to the forum topic.

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Part II:

After completing this weeks readings, including our Lesson in the Lesson section: Visit the following websites Provide a brief summary of why these organizations exist Part III: In this discussion you’ll consider your personality and specifically the kinds of roles you play, the way you respond in different situations, and the things in which you believe. Instructions 1. Thinking of your own personality, identify characteristics that correspond to each of the following components of personality structure, and describe these characteristics. When posting your answer to the following questions, do so in the format provided below and relate your answers to content you read in our text. Components 1. Role-related behaviors: How you act in different social situations, for example, as coach or instructor, student, son or daughter, and parent. 2. Typical responses: The way you typically respond in different situations, for example, in a friendly pickup game or exercise class, during the first meeting with new teammates, or when learning a new skill in a comfortable environment. 3. Psychological core: Your most basic and deepest attitudes, values, interests, and motives.

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Please answer the following:

  1. Define exercise physiology? Explain how exercise physiology differs from sport physiology.

  2. Provide an example of what is meant by studying acute responses to a single bout of exercise.

  3. Describe the essential characteristics of the three energy systems.