Define the lead, lag, and match strategy      for capacity planning.

Deliverable Length: 3 – 4 paragraphs

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In your role as the memory chip company’s production planning staff member, one of your tasks is to help the supply chain team focus on capacity planning. One of the key production plants in the supply chain currently uses a lead capacity strategy in which they make enough chips to offset demand, even when this means excess inventory levels at times.

Using course materials and other research, complete the following:

  • Define the lead, lag, and match strategy      for capacity planning.
  • Recommend a better strategy for the the      company’s production strategy, outlining the advantages of your      proposal. Be sure to provide a mathematical basis for your recommendation.      Should it change from the lead strategy or not?

Comment on other postings by critiquing the other proposals and suggesting aspects of your classmates’ plans that may have been overlooked.

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