Define Mortality.

Please read the article carefully, including the tables and figures, which may require additional clicks to open. Answer the following questions and include your work for figuring solutions to answers.

1. Define Mortality. Give the formula for how to figure a case-fatality rate. When is this information used?

2. Where did the researchers gather their data? What populations of patients were used in this study?

3. Using table 1, were the greater number of reported drug users male or female? Why do you think this might be?

4. Using table 1, were the greater number of reported drug users located in metropolitan or non-metropolitan regions? Why do you think this might be?

5. Using table 1, what was the overall change from 2003 to 2014?

6. Look at fig. 2 and interpret the data. What does it show you, and why do you conclude this?

7. In table 3, what was the change in % death comparing 1999 to 2015 in medical facilities in metropolitan areas? Using these same dates, compare the % death in medical facilities in non-metropolitan areas. What could account for this difference between the metro vs non-metro facilities?

8. Using the stated statistic in the abstract for # of drug overdose deaths in 2015, see if you can find the population of the United States in 2015, to determine a percentage of deaths due to overdoses. Next see if you can determine or find the overall percentage of deaths due to overdose in the US in either 2016 and/or 2017?

It is recommended that you construct your response in a Word document, then copy and paste your answer.