Define sustainability. What do scientists predict will happen in Earth’s future if we do not increase our sustainability practices?

MGT 360 Week 1 Individual Assignment Biosphere Worksheet

Section A: Answer the following questions in complete sentences.

Define biosphere. Describe the part of the biosphere where humans can survive.

Based on this week’s required readings, what are the main causes of threats to the biosphere?

Define sustainability. What do scientists predict will happen in Earth’s future if we do not increase our sustainability practices?

Section B: Fill in the chart with complete sentences.

For each item listed below, identify one related threat to the biosphere. Then, describe business practices that may cause this problem. Finally, describe alternative business practices that may help reduce or avoid this problem.

Based on this week’s required readings, summarize the accepted positions on causes of global climate change. Then, conduct an Internet search on opposition of accepted causes of climate change. On what points do they differ? Cite at least two APA-formatted sources to support your points.

Which perspective do you agree with? Why?

MGT 360 Week 2 Individual Assignment: Shareholders and Stakeholders Presentation

Create a Powerpoint presentation in which you demonstrate how different stakeholders are affected by business decisions and practices.

Select one of the following types of industries: a pharmaceutical manufacturer, an organic yogurt producer, a carpet cleaning company, or a city aquarium. Identify a representative example of a real business among one of these industries and provide a brief summary of this business’s products, services, and practices.

Identify four types of stakeholders for your chosen business. Describe how each stakeholder is involved in or affected by the business and specify their concerns with the business’s standard practices.

Explain how stakeholders’ preferences may conflict with shareholders’ financial concerns.

Explain, in the conclusion, how decisions that benefit one group may have a negative effect on the other and describe the role of a business leader in trying to balance the shareholders’ and stakeholders’ concerns.

Choose the format of your presentation. You could, for example, make a 5- to 10-minute oral presentation, accompanied by a PowerPoint® presentation. You could also record your presentation as a video clip or another form of media. You must obtain faculty approval of your presentation format.

Provide at least one APA-formatted source.

Submit a 10 to 12 slide Microsoft Power Point presentation

MGT 360 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment: Current Business Practices Audit

Resources: Business Sustainability Assessment Worksheets, Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization.

Use the Business Sustainability Assessment Worksheets provided on the course page of the University of Phoenix Student Web site.

Conduct a sustainability audit and write a report of no more than 1,050 words in which you analyze a virtual manufacturing firm’s current business practices and identify aspects of the business that would benefit from the implementation of a sustainability plan.

Submit the Business Sustainability worksheets in addition to the report.

The following scenario is representative of how a business voluntarily develops and implements a sustainability plan: Riordan Manufacturing is a plastic injection molding company with locations in California, Georgia, Michigan, and China. Mark Neitzel, vice president of operations, has decided to assess the company’s current business practices and, where possible, move to more sustainable practices.

Locate the link to the University of Phoenix Virtual Organizations Web site on the course page of the University of Phoenix student Web site. Navigate to the Operations section on the Riordan Manufacturing Intranet Web site and read through the Sustainability Study and Communications pages.

Fill in the charts in the Business Sustainability worksheets to conduct an audit of Riordan Manufacturing’s current business practices at the plants in California, Georgia, Michigan, and China. Each Learning Team member must address one to three major production stages in Section 2 of each worksheet.

Select three non-sustainable practices as the focus of the sustainability plan, once all four plant locations have been audited.

Write a report describing the three practices your team selected.

Discuss why these practices are not sustainable and explain the negative effects they have on the environment.

Conclude the report with an examination of mandatory and voluntary actions Riordan may take to improve its sustainability.

Identify any state or federal regulations to which Riordan must adhere. What actions must Riordan take to be compliant? Besides these mandatory actions, what further actions may Riordan take to improve its sustainability related to, for example, break room and custodial services, office supplies, and employee issues? What are the differences between these voluntary actions and other mandatory actions? Consider motivations, consequences, and effects on the business and the environment.

Submit Current Business Practices Audit

MGT 360 Week 4 Implementing EMS Recommendations Riordan Manufacturing Organization

Implementing EMS Recommendations Riordan Manufacturing Organization

MGT 360 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment: Implementing EMS Recommendations

Resources: Week Four Learning Team Instructions.

Write a report of no more than 1,050 words in which you anticipate barriers to implementing your sustainability recommendations, plan how to overcome these barriers, and describe methods to systematically monitor the plan.

Identify barriers to implementing your sustainability plan using recommendations produced in Week Four. Describe what those barriers are and how or why they might occur. Consider financial, social, ethical, technical, and practical aspects of business.

Develop strategies to avoid or overcome these barriers. Explain necessary steps for doing so.

Describe methods currently in place or necessary to ensure systematic monitoring of new sustainable practices. How are they measured or monitored? What happens if a recommended practice is not working as it was intended?

Integrate the three parts of the sustainability plan into one cohesive paper. Add a one-page executive summary, an introduction, a conclusion, and any necessary transitions.

Cite assigned readings and at least three additional peer-reviewed sources to support your points in APA format.

Submit Implementing EMS Recommendations

MGT 360 Week 5 Individual Assignment: Personality Profile

Write a paper of no more than 1,050 words in which you describe the characteristics of effective sustainable business leadership.

Select a prominent business leader who has increased his or her company’s sustainable business practices. Briefly describe the steps this leader took to improve the company’s sustainability. Among the possible leaders are Nicole Basset of Patagonia, Lorraine Bolsinger of GE, Richard Branson of Virgin Group, Linda J. Fisher of DuPont, Gary Hirshberg of Stonyfield Yogurt, Hannah Jones of Nike, Richard MacLean of Competitive Environment, Anita Roper of Alcoa, and Marie Ziegler of John Deere.

Describe the personality traits, management style, and leadership qualities that helped him or her lead the company to a successful implementation of new practices.

Describe how this leader instilled a culture of sustainability at his or her company.

Describe general management strategies you use as a business leader to increase sustainability in your field.

Cite assigned readings and at least two additional peer-reviewed sources to support your points in APA format.