Demographics and Related Health Status or Needs of a County

You will write a 10-pg paper about the demographics and related health status or needs of a county. Include the following information in your paper:

  1. Location of your geographic area (include map).
  2. Describe the demographic characteristics of the area’s population (e.g. age, sex, race/ethnicity, ancestry information, language spoken at home, citizenship, ability to speak English), income, employment status, and disability.
  3. Compare your area’s demographics to that of the state where the county is located.
  4. Based on the information you find, discuss probable health status issues, health care use or needs of the community (This should be just 1-2 pages and can be based on what you have read in Pol and Thomas and other readings. You do not need to research this.)

Your paper should include tables and figures from health and demographic data sources.

Below are resources you can use:

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