Describe and analyze the various labor relations processes.

10-12 slides with 250 words of speaker notes for each slide

Describe and analyze the various labor relations processes.

Discuss the rights and responsibilities of unions and management.

Describe ethical and legal considerations of collective bargaining.

After much labor and management conflict, this integrated managed care consortium and over 25 unions created this labor management partnership (LMP). Today, it is considered a model of union and labor partnerships for the future of labor and management relations. This collaboration involved over 90,000 workers and changed the fabric of union and management relationships. Instead of being a competitive bargaining process, it became a collaborative partnership of mutual respect to a goal of mutual gains. The collaboration resulted in improved services (increased patient satisfaction), improved financial results, and happier employees. Many are encouraging this model to become a standard for future union and management negotiations.

Develop a 10-12 PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following:

  • Describe the unions that were part of this partnership including the type of union (craft, industrial, general, white collar) and whether it is a federal or local union.

  • What is the value of having union members participate in decision-making?

  • What was the advantage of using a coalition or team-based approach?

  • A continuous improvement strategy was used in this case, describe this strategy and how it relates to the focus of the coalition.

  • Provide an example of how the model of labor-management relations used in this case could be applied in a different industry.