Describe the DNA repair process in eukaryotes.

Complete the following discussions using your textbook and chromosomal mutations PDF:

1.Describe a genetic disorder resulting from one of the mutations listed in the table. What is the mode of inheritance of your chosen disorder? What does the affected gene sequence look like in comparison to the normal sequence? What is the change in the amino acid sequence as a result of the disorder?

2.Describe the DNA repair process in eukaryotes. Why do you think this process is absent in mitochondrial DNA? What properties of mitochondrial DNA prevent it from repairing itself?

3.Describe two purposes of performing a karyotype (other than detecting abnormal chromosome numbers). In your opinion, should karyotyping be performed in the early stages of pregnancy to look for genetic disorders? Why or why not?

Identify two types of chromosomal abnormalities that can result from addition, deletion, or duplication of genetic material and describe how it happens. 4.Describe a genetic disorder that can result from one of the aberrations identified by you.

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