Describe what ethical principles are at risk in this case

A business owner is suffering from lung cancer. He repeatedly has tried to apply for health insurance, but continues to have problems with signing on to the website. He has also called the 800 number several times to inquire about insurance coverage. He still has not received any help, only promises of what will be done to ensure he is covered. The business owner is now in a hospital with no healthcare coverage, and he is losing faith in himself and the government who promised to allow him an opportunity for coverage. The business owner’s family has filed a lawsuit against the government. Write a memorandum, in a 2-3 page response using APA style, answering the following: 1.Explain what action would help the business owner. 2.Describe what ethical principles are at risk in this case. 3.If you were the judge in this case, how would you rule? Please explain your answer.