Describe how you would design a logistics network consisting of only one warehouse

Assignment Instructions

This week we discussed and reviewed network planning.  Describe how you would design a logistics network consisting of only one warehouse.  In the discussion, include the steps you need to take in order to design the optimal network.  What information and data is needed to make this determination?  What strategy will be employed in this network?

750 – 1,000 words (3 – 4 pages) written essay

APA format required (including title page, reference page – no abstract required)

5 – 7 academic resources for 300/400 level courses

Content of paper should address the concepts covered this week utilizing personal experience as well as research

Grading Rubric
Online Library Guide-APA


TLMT 341 250 word assignment

Week 2 Customer Demand & Inventory Instructions:

Please answer the following questions after reviewing the reading and lessons for Week 2.
1.   How can firms cope with huge variability in customer demand?

2.  What is the relationship between service and inventory levels?

3.  What is the impact of lead time, and lead time variability, on inventory levels?

Instructions:  Your initial post should be at least 250 words.


TMLT 331

Assignment 1 Case Study Week 2

DUE: Apr 15, 2018

Assignment Instructions

We have read and reviewed Chapters 1 and 2.  Chapter 1 discussed the expansion of the European intermodal rail-road freight transport (EIT)under the European Union.  Chapter 2 explores the development of intermodal transportation in the United States.

Instructions:  In 2-3 pages maximum, discuss the impact (negative and positive) that regulation/deregulation has had on the growth and/or continued growth of intermodal transportation in both countries. Ensure you site specific examples in your paper. You are encouraged to use the internet and other sources to support your discussion.

Submission Instructions: Please attach the assignment in Word Format. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.