Describe the various elements necessary for effective leadership within a coalition

min 300 words, min 1 scholar source (less than 5 years), APA

Describe the various elements necessary for effective leadership within a coalition. How does this apply to your professional practice or life?

choose either or………..for professional practice, it’ll be as a registered nurse (RN). 

some info on coalition from the class lesson:

A coalition is composed of individuals and/or groups that are combined into one organization that has leadership and structure. The purpose is to combine efforts for change. Coalitions are groups of diverse people, and therefore, operate using a group process. It is important that strong leadership and a carefully organized structure be in place in order to maximize productivity and minimize conflict.

-Another component of an effective coalition is the use of scenario planning in order to consider all approaches and the possible consequences involved in meeting their goal. Scenario planning is a sort of “what-if” strategy. This technique allows for flexibility with various trends that may arise out of a given issue. The coalition brainstorms all possible approaches in meeting their goal and designs various contingency plans for dealing with issues that may arise.

-Pitfalls involved in coalitions result from a failure in tending to the elements that can make them highly effective. Ineffective leadership, lack of a clearly articulated goal and plan, lack of structure and organization, lack of resources, and having membership that just fails to click can all lead to a lack of overall success. Being proactive in meeting these challenges head-on greatly increases the coalition’s chances of meeting its goal.