Describe your sources of competitive advantage

Topic 2: Environmental Analysis and Industry Analysis

Usingthe Segments of the General Environment, write the environmental analysis for your organization(approximately 500-750 words). Refer to chapters 2 and 8in the textbook for additional information. Include the following in your draft:

  1. Incorporate theFive Forces of Competition to help write the industry analysis for your organization (page 51).
  2. Describe your sources of competitive advantage.
  3. Using the International Entry Modes (Figure 8.5), describe which mode(s) of entry you would use to expand globally and why you selected it (even if expansion is hypothetical at this time). Select one country, such as Canada, and discuss relevant cultural, political, and economicfactors, and any language barriers that could impact your entry.
  4. Identify the outlook, forecast, or trends for the type of organization you have selected.Use the Scan, Monitor, Forecast and Assess model in chapter 2 to complete this section