Develop the methodology portion of your research proposal. It should include a restatement of the following:

will be designing a research proposal. In this assignment, you will work on the methodology section of the proposal. This section includes a discussion of the research design, procedures, and analysis plan for carrying out the overall purpose of the study. It should provide a practical perspective on how you would conduct a research investigation. Utilize your readings and research thus far for help in outlining the specific methodology of your proposal.


Develop the methodology portion of your research proposal. It should include a restatement of the following:

· The purpose of the study

· The research question

· The hypothesis

Other specific areas of focus are:

· Sample: A description of types of demographic characteristics, the sampling frame, selection, and the sample size

· Instruments being used or being developed and the process for doing so

· Detailed procedures, including data collection steps

· Research design, with careful thought to the variables affecting the internal and external validity of the study and controls to circumvent the effects of these variables

Also, address the following areas in the methodology section:

· Participants and Sample

· Is there a description of the population with demographic information?

· Is the targeted population identified?

· Is the method for selecting the sample described?

· Is there a description of the characteristics of the sample?

· Are sample sizes discussed?

· Instrument and Instrumentation

· Was proper consent sought in administering the instrument?

· Is the reliability and validity information for the instrument presented?

· Do the items on the instrument address the variables the study investigates?

· Is the use of the instrument appropriate for the sample?

· For instruments developed by the researcher, is there adequate documentation of the process toward development and are validation procedures and data presented?

· Procedures

· Are there clearly detailed procedures for conducting the study to allow for replication of the study?

· Is there a description of the steps used in preparing the data for analysis and a presentation of the limitations of the data?

· Is the analytical procedure appropriate for the study, and is there a proper description of the assumptions of the data analysis process?

· Is there an accurate description of the design of the study, and are there proper controls for extraneous variables?

· Do limitations include the variables impossible to control?

Follow the correct APA guidelines for writing and citing text. Cite only those references related to your study and important in supporting the rationale and purpose for conducting the study. Cite any sources using the APA format on a separate page.

· Write your assignment in 3 to 4 pages in a Microsoft Word document.

Identified purpose of the study, research question(s), and hypothesis.


Discussed and Described each of the following:

Participants and Sample: Description of sample with appropriate demographic information, method for selecting sample, sample size, etc.

Instrument and Instrumentation: Obtaining proper consent to administer instrument, discussed reliability and validity of instrument, and appropriateness of instrument to the sample and the study overall.

Procedures (including data collection steps): Clearly detailed procedures for conducting and replicating study, discussed steps to prepare data for analysis, etc.

Research Design: Detailed factors affecting internal and external validity of the study.

Academic Writing

Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and displayed accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.