Difference Between Design and Operational Maintainability Questions

Read the questions! Some have multiple parts. Think about the questions and research as necessary. Your answers should be at least a 1/2 page for each of the 2-point questions and one page for each of the 3 and 4-point questions.

PART I: Test & Evaluation Basics

1. What is the difference between “Test”, “Evaluation”, MOE’s and MOP’s? What is the relationship between MOE’s and MOP’s and what role do they play in the T&E process? (2 points)

2. How does M&S fit into test and evaluation? What needs to be considered when using M&S in DT & OT? (2 points)

3. Define the following terms and give an example for each:

a. Operational Suitability

b. Operational Effectiveness

c. Lethality

d. Survivability

If possible, use a commercial example for each. (3 points)

4. Test points are critical to a successful test program. What considerations need to be taken in account when choosing test points? (2 points)

5. What is the purpose of test metrics? Give three examples of test metrics and a brief description why you feel these are important items to track. (4 points)

6. Net-Centric systems pose challenges to systems integration and test. Why? Provide 4 examples of challenges with a brief explanation for each (4 points)

7. Briefly, describe how logistics testing gets integrated into the system life cycle and why? (4 points)

8. Briefly describe the relationship between reliability, maintainability, and availability. What is the difference between Design Maintainability and Operational Maintainability? (4 points)

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